At The Cookie Witch, we may not make the most polished looking desserts. We acknowledge there are much greater masters out there.

What we Do do though, is create desserts that are fun and quirky.

Our desserts are homey and tasty and not too sweet. We won’t go so far to say that they are healthy, they are after all desserts but we make sure they are desserts we would feed our own children and desserts you would feel safe to feed yours too. We bring you a taste that is close to what your own mums and grandmas make.

We ensure that our brownies and cookies are consistent in taste quality. Our parties however are a very different story.

Every party is different. We aim not just at pretty parties. We aim to make desserts that tell a story.

This is why we do what we do. We create desserts and parties that awake the imagination, create and immerse in a child’s wonder and to bring to life, a world where anything is possible.

Tell us your story today and we will bring that imagination to life!

Who says you can’t eat your imagination?