A Yoshi Wedding!

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New Year’s Day this 2015 was a day of another celebration. It’s Kangs’ Wedding day! My best friend’s brother, a boy I watched grow up, from an annoying critter to the man he is today!

They had a Yoshi (Mario’s dinosaur) theme for their wedding, nope, noone dressed up as a Yoshi.. unfortunately.. but they had Yoshi on the wedding car and on their place cards.


IMG_9340 IMG_9371

Isn’t that just adorable?


Kangs told me later that when they were dating, Kelly decided to call him a 恐龙 or dinosaur because of his temper.

Still, no matter the reason, I thought Yoshi was just adorable.

So in true Cookie Witch fashion, we made this!

IMG_9332 IMG_9333

Our Very own Yoshi’s getting hitched brownie!

There it is, sitting between the bride and groom’s seats!

And here are the bride and groom!


Aren’t they just the most beautiful couple?
I wish you two bliss always! <3 <3 <3