It’s a Tea Jelly Jam up to Riah’s Farewell!

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Its Bumper to Bumper traffic here at the Cookie Witch’s Kitchen! What’s going on?


Sorry it’s taken this long to write this post. I was waiting for photos from the host but she’s moved overseas and probably got too busy. And plus I got into a writing slump for abit. Now I’ve had a good rest and back to writing!

So I got invited to a farewell bbq. I thought, hey maybe I’ll make a jelly. I remember I had some adorable car moulds I could use. It was a farewell, so I thought cars were appropriate!

I was about to run out for juice when I remembered I had some tea jelly when I was staying at a 民俗 in Taiwan. I had some tea i got from a friend and I thought why not give it a try?

Gryphon Tea


So I broke out the teabags, my moulds and koniakyu Jelly powder and made me some jelly!


There you go, ain’t that just adorable?



And here they all are! Brooooom…….

Farewell Riah! Hope France treats you well!