Our Oatmeal cookies are light yet flavourful filled with old-fashioned goodness. They come with 2 awesome flavours, our ever popular Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies and our latest flavour, the Cinnamon Mixed Fruit.


20160115072347 Our Signature Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies (No it’s not a typo) were the first recipe I created and it has been 15 years in the making. It started with a curiosity and but when friends and family started asking for them, It pushed me to tweak and improve on it. These cookies are close to my heart. They were always my go to gifts for friends and that’s how I got the name The Cookie Witch!

For chocolate lovers everywhere. Our Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies (no it’s not a typo) is light yet hardy enough it doesn’t just disappear. The chocolate taste doesn’t hit you right away but after a second or two, spreads out and lingers for just a little while. Simply put, it’s flavourful yet not overwhelming. But don’t take my word for it, Give them a try!

Price: $15 a bottle (weighs between 230g to about 250g. I just stuff the cookies to the brim so the weight depends on the size and shape of the cookies. )

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20160115072406 Our Cinnamon Mixed Fruit Cookies are hardy yet light. Someone once said “It tastes like Christmas” and who would object to Christmas all year long? I created these little beauties when I met a girl at a cafe I was working out of. She was allergic to chocolate and seeing her disappointment when she saw me bringing out trays of chocolate chocolate chip cookies and brownies, I came up with these the very next day and to my surprise, had become pretty popular. it’s become a mainstay in my kitchen.

These cookies has a light Cinnamon flavour, just a hint to give them a slight kick and the mixed fruit give them a slight tartness that makes it quite refreshing. Do note that these cookies do contain raisin and for those of you who don’t like them, drop me a note with your order and for orders above 5 bottles, I will do a special no raisins version for you.

Price: $15 a bottle (weighs between 230g to about 250g.

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The Cookie Witch is currently working with HomeBakee to deliver place your orders. So no worries if you get a pop-up. The order page will appear in either a new window or tab. If the page doesn’t show up, go to https://homebakee.com/product/our-signature-oatmeal-cookies/

Orders arrive as early as 4 days. Order today and get your orders as early as 4 days. For queries, do write us at thesingaporecookiewitch@gmail.com.

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