There was a girl named Isadora…. lol

HI, I’m Isadora. I am a baker and I self claim to be a creative baker. You can give me your own verdict when you know me better.

The Famous Amos Recipe Saga……..

I started baking back somewhere in the year 2000. At the point of the supposed Famous Amos recipe leak saga.

The story goes that a lady wanted to buy the recipe for Famous Amos Cookies. Apparently the staff told her it costs Two Fifty. When her bill came, it was made out for $250 instead of $2.50 so she decided to get $250 worth of the recipe by sharing it with the world. Of course I don’t know how true the story was. Still I loved Famous Amos Cookies. What the heck. I decided to try it.

My first attempts – The Cookie Witch Cookies

Ever heard of death by chocolate? Well, if you were hit by one of my first cookies, It would have been death by cookie.

Death By Cookie
Death By Cookie

Literally I could have put a few of them in my handbag as ammo for self defense.

Anyway, it started from there. I tweaked my recipe with the help of friends and family until I came up with a recipe everyone really liked. In fact I made it for 3 people. My sister and my 2 best friends. They loved the cookies. I remembered one time when I made a batch of these cookies for one of my bestie’s birthday at a chalet. I was pretty self conscious cause some of them were burnt. This amazing woman took my container and literally went round the whole chalet going ” Isadora Made these. Best Chocolate chip cookies. COme and get it! ” I was so touched, I almost teared.

Our Brownies came from a book!

Woman's weekly

A few years later, I bought a special edition of Australian Women’s weekly and found a brownie recipe I just felt so strongly I had to try. The first ones were so hot. Somehow I just wanted to make it good. Long story short, I tried, my sister kept giving me suggestions to tweak it. Later on, they loved it, my friends loved it then I came up with the crazy idea of doing a business with it. Imagine this. I was baking every day to come up with the perfect recipe. I baked them in little muffin trays and brought like 4 to 10 versions to work every day. After about 2 months, my 2 testers got really sick of brownies. lol.

That didn’t really take off. I can’t remember what happened but I ditched the idea.

Too broke for Christmas

A few years later, I had quit my job and really just so broke I couldn’t afford Christmas presents so I thought, why not make cookies for everyone? My cookie box wielding friend upon receiving her Christmas present went:

“Why don’t you sell your cookies?”

Well, there’s an idea to re-visit. So I started advertising for Chinese New Year. I made samples and gave them out everywhere I had friends. I went to my old office, to my friend’s offices, passed them out to friends and family and carried spares with me everywhere I went. And I did alright that new year. It was back breaking work but I thought it was pretty cool.

Chinese New Year Orders
Chinese New Year Orders

Unfortunately, after new year, there weren’t much orders and I didn’t dared to advertise as selling from home kitchen technically wasn’t legal. So I borrowed a friend’s friend’s restaurant kitchen to bake during the weekend and sold my cookies in their restaurant. Unfortunately, they didn’t last too long. I was devastated.

I didn’t pursue the business. I did sell my brownies once in a while when friends wanted them.

The start of the Magic…

My best friend is also one of my best customer. Everytime she had a party, she ordered a brownie from me. One day she called me.

“Hey dear, I need a brownie for a potluck this Saturday”

“Sure, what size?”

“Enough for about 12 people. Anyway the theme is Black Widow. You think you can do something on top of the brownies? Some kind of design?”

“Erm…. er, I’m not sure. Let me see if I can hustle something up, try my best.”


Ta Da!!! History-Making Spiders

Spider Brownies 1 Spider Brownies 2


The rest is history.

At the moment, I’m not actively pursuing this as a business. I WILL take in orders if there are requests.

This blog will document my little fondant projects and other baking projects. I will be posting recipes I find online and potentially giving classes in the future. Fingers crossed. As for now, I hope you will like my pictures and my site. Do like me on facebook as well and share my pictures with friends.