Baby Koby’s Baby Shower!

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So baby Koby has turned one month old and parents Kangs and Kelly has engaged us to do a dessert table for the happy occasion. The theme? Dinosaurs! For those of you following this blog, New Years Day last year, … Continued

Banana Crumble Muffins

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So I brought these little beauties to a party last night and they were quite a hit! A few people requested for the recipe so I thought why not share it here. I was also challenged there to help a … Continued

A Skull cake tutorial

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So I’ve had friends asking how I made the skull in that last post. I thought to share it before Halloween got here. And while BIY is still having their sale. For those of you thinking to make cakes or … Continued

The Skull has arrived…..

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So Halloween is coming and I made the mistake… or maybe the right choice of stepping into Bake-It-Yourself. They were giving 40% discounts off their Halloween items and no surprise, I totally geeked. What was supposed to be a 5 … Continued

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